Funeral Service of Patience Odessa David – December 4, 2021

​ For The Life

​ Of


Takes place on Saturday (4th December 2021) at 12noon, at the Westbury Cemetery.

FLOWERS may be sent to E. PAMELA SMALL FUNERAL HOME” The Lawns”, Vauxhall, Christ Church, on Saturday (4th December 2021) no later than 10:00am, or may be delivered to the Westbury Cemetery, before the start of the service.

VISITATION takes place on Friday (3rd December 2021) in the chapel of E. PAMELA SMALL FUNERAL HOME, “The Lawns”, Vauxhall, Christ Church, from 3:30 – 5:00pm.

Due to the recent Covid-19 restrictions, only 25 persons are allowed to attend the service.



To the children of Odessa may peace heal your hearts. We encourage you to bask in the wonderful memories of your mother and know she had a special love for each of you. For her family and church family, draw near and share the funny and heartfelt stories, as those will bring comfort.

Good afternoon to everyone here and for those who wanted to be here but could not due to COVID-19 restrictions.  We thank God for technology He has put it in place so you online can also be here with us virtually and not out here in the hot sun, as we celebrate the life of mommy amen.

When a mother picks a name for their child, they commonly pick it because they like the name, others for the meaning.  We don’t know why her mother named her Patience.

In the dictionary patience is defined as:

quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence.

If you knew Patience at any point in your life you would have witnessed all or at least one of these characteristics.

The children are going down memory lane now and thinking, no, not my mother.  She believed in “spare the rod spoil the child” even though back then she didn’t go to church but she was quoting the Bible.

Some recall sprinkling powder in the hallway and sliding all over the floor.  Oh, the fun in that moment, until mommy came home to find the mess, lashes ensued.

The grandkids reminiscing of her perfectly round and floating dumplings.  They only knew of their parent’s oblong ones that sank in the pot.

Teach a child in the way he should go so as he gets older will not depart from it.

Odessa did the best she could with what life dealt her. For Leroy, she taught and prepared him for life of respectfulness, responsibility, empathy, how to cook, clean, and put God as the head of his life.

She was a sharp woman who loved conversation about current events and never forgot anything you told her. Education was important to her, and she was forever proud of her children as she would get reports, through letters, of how they were doing.  Patiently we watched her do the same by praying and expecting positive reports on all her grandkids whether it was school, work, or starting their own businesses. She was proud of all her family…a woman of humble beginnings to live to see the legacy she birthed; she died a rich woman.

Odessa was a Seamstress.  She sewed many church dresses, the best fitting under garments, uniforms, and much more.  She mastered her craft until modern times where you could just go into town and buy clothing items.

The relationships with her church family, she loved you as well, kept Odessa going.  We want to acknowledge and thank you all for watching and keeping her. She served as Usher and Caregiver Odessa loved people.

A bond like no other was that of Odessa and Linda Barnett. Linda called her mom and mutually Odessa called her daughter. They talked about everything, they laughed and traveled.  In her later years Linda was the primary caregiver for Odessa.  We are forever thankful to Linda and her family for all they have done.

As mom would say, this place is not my home, I’m just passing through. As mom journeyed through her years, she watched the world change in many ways.  She would say, “Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself”.  Odessa was prepared for this chapter. Her faith in the Lord, the prayers she raised, and testimonies she witnessed of the goodness of the God we serve. We take comfort and know we shall meet again and oh what a glorious day that will be.